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Chatham Island Native Plants

Chatham Island Lilly (forget-me-not)

Myosotidium Hortensia

An iconic Chatham Island native. A beautiful flowering plant with glossy green grooved leaves. Flowing late September to November it has a blue flower arranged in a dense cluster changing to a lilac.


Found here on the island in sandy, rocky outcrops and bush opens.

Prefers free draining soil and some shade.

Wavey Hair Grass.

Deschampsia Cespitosa.

A stunning grass growing to 50cm tall with green to yellowish leaf that are flat and rough to touch.

Attractive blonde flower. Flowering late summer.


A robust growing plant preferring damp moist soil.

Chatham Island Astelia

Astelia Chathamica

Growing up to 1.5m tall with a long silvery green flax like leaf. Male and a female flowers found on separate plants. The male bares a dark green scented and the female a greenish white non scented flower. Flowering late spring summer.


Found here, on the island, on forest floors preferring moist wet soils.

Chatham Island Spear Grass

Aciphylla Traversii

A stout herb like spear grass. Going up to 80cms with stiff leaves which separate into narrow sharp pointed segments. Flowering late November through to February with a long flower stem up to a 1m tall. The male flowers a creamy white flower and female a greenish pale yellow.


Found in open sites growing in peaty to sandy soils.

Chatham Island Toetoe

Austroderia Tubaria

Growing upwards of 1.5m tall with a long curved edge green leaves covered in fine silky hair. Flower stems supporting blooms of silky creamy flowers. Flooring through late spring summer.


Found around moist sites, creek and swamp edges.

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